walterton and elgin
community homes

a charitable housing association and community land trust

Committee Memberships


Julie Bundy 

Vice Chair(s)

Stella Brade & Jonathan Rosenberg


Linda Mokrane

Members and Chairs of the committees were agreed as follows         
Urgency Committee                    

Julie Bundy, Stella Brade, Jonathan Rosenberg, Linda  Mokrane, Anne Nacamuli, Helen Mitchell & Lee Tuffnell.

Staff Committee                           

Anne Nacamuli (Chair), Stella Brade, Linda Mokrane, Adam White, Ashley Tembo, Helen Mitchell & Ashraf Meleka. 

Finance & Risk Committee                           

Linda Mokrane (Chair), Stella Brade, Jonathan Rosenberg, Adam White, Julie Bundy & Ashraf Meleka.

Community Development Committee                          

Liz Thorpe-Tracey (Chair), Rahima Khanom Ahmed, Anne Nacamuli & Linda Mokrane. 

Operations Committee

Linda Mokrane (Chair), Adam White, Julie Bundy, Paul Judge, Helen Mitchell & Ashraf Meleka.

Social Committee

 Liz Thorpe-Tracey (Chair), Rahima Khanom Ahmed, Lucine Pounder, Ashley Tembo & Brenda Meadows. 

Appointment Panel                          

Rahima Khanon – Ahmed, Liz Thorpe-Tracey & Adam White.

Elgin Monitoring Group 

Stella Brade (Chair), Julie Bundy, Jonathan Rosenberg, Linda Mokrane &  Paul Judge.