Committee Memberships


Julie Bundy 

Vice Chair(s)

Stella Brade, Linda Mokrane & Paul Judge


Matt Townsend

Members and Chairs of the committees were agreed as follows         
Urgency Committee                    

Julie Bundy (Chair), Paul Judge, Stella McBrade, Linda Mokrane, Elizabeth Thorpe-Tracey, Adam White and Helen Mitchell.

Staff Oversight Committee                           

Anne Nacamuli (Chair), Linda Mokrane, Adam White, Helen Mitchell and Stella Brade. 

Finance, Audit & Risk Committee                           

Linda Mokrane (Chair), Julie Bundy, Paul Judge, Claire Wren, Ashraf Meleka, Adam White and Stella Brade.

Community Development Committee                          

Elizabeth Thorpe-Tracey (Chair), Helen Mitchell, Rahima Khanom Ahmed, Anne Nacamuli and Julie Bundy.

Operations Committee

Linda Mokrane (Chair), Paul Judge, Julie Bundy, Helen Mitchell, Ashraf Meleka, Adam White, Alec Robertson, Ashley Tembo and Lee Tuffnell.

Committee Appointments Panel                          

Elizabeth Thorpe-Tracey, Adam White and Julie Bundy (Chair).

Elgin Estate Monitoring Group 

Maggie Mccann (Chair), Paul Judge, Stella Brade, Ashraf Meleka, Linda Mokrane, Julie Bundy and Lee Tuffnell..