Coronavirus: K&T our Gas contractor has issued the following statement

Current Government and Public Health England advice regarding self-isolation is for affected people to remain at home, not accept visitors and to request any deliveries etc are left at the door for them to collect to reduce contact with any other people.

As a precaution our Customer Service Team are now asking residents:

  • Are they, or anybody in their household, unwell with a fever, cough or flu like symptoms?
  • Have they, or anybody in their household, been in contact with a person with a confirmed case of coronavirus?
  • Have they, or anybody in their household, travelled outside of the UK in the past two weeks?


If the answer to all questions is no, normal work activity to the property will resume as normal. If however the resident answers yes to any of the above questions, action in accordance with the following will be implemented.   

For heating related faults or failures, in the event of a call-out to a property where a resident is known to be self-isolating our Customer Service Team are able to divert residents to a dedicated team of Technicians who can support residents by talking them through, either by phone or via video call, through the basic resetting or localised maintenance of appliances.  Failing this van stocks have been increased with additional temporary heaters in which engineers will deliver to the outside of the property in which the engineer will:

  • Wear disposable gloves when making any delivery
  • Phone the resident and tell them the heaters are outside their property ready to collect
  • If no answer knock / ring the doorbell and move away from the property maintaining at least 3m distance from the front door – if the resident answers instruct them to take the heaters into their property and leave. Spending 15 minutes within 2m of an infected person is considered a risk so maintain distance, do not make physical contact and do not enter a property
  • If no answer phone again and text the resident notifying them the heaters are outside their property and wait 10 minutes for a response – if no response post a calling card in the residents door, take the heaters and arrange a return visit for delivery
  • Dispose of gloves in a waste bag held in the van for later disposal at the depot and use an alcohol based hand sanitiser. At the next available opportunity also wash hands.
  • All site based activity will be recorded onto our KTHS System and such information will be provided to the client.

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