Frequently Asked Questions


How does WECH set the rent for tenants?

Each year in January we calculate our 30 year business plan and determine what our rent levels need to be in order to cover the costs of running the organisation and maintaining and looking after our homes. We aim to set rents at the lowest possible level for WECH to remain solvent for the next 30 years. Rent increases each year are usually influenced by inflation levels [Retail Price Index (RPI)] for that year. For the last few years this has been RPI+1% but in 2011 it was RPI only. The proposed increase is then considered first by the Finance and Audit Committee and then approved by the Board before being notified to tenants at least a month before it takes effect. Homeowner service charges are determined by various operational maintenance charges. 

 There is black mould in some parts of my flat, how can I prevent this from happening?

Mould is caused by condensation (moisture droplets from the air). You can easily help prevent or limit this problem by improving ventilation and heating of the affected areas. Remove the mould by washing the affected area with a disinfectant solution and if it is on paint work re-paint the area with oil-based paint.

I’ve got cracks on the wall of my property, is it a problem?

Most properties have some cracks in different parts of the property. In most cases they are only hairline cracks and are therefore nothing to worry about (around 0.1 mm thick). Cracks up to 1mm thick are also easily  treated during redecorations and generally are nothing to worry about unless they are also present in the same location in external brickwork. Cracks need to be reported to WECH when they begin to open up beyond the thickness of 1mm and when they begin to extend gradually further and further beyond their original location.

How long does it take for payments made to show-up on my account?

It depends on how the payment is made. Typically most payment will reach your account 3 business days after payment is made.

Why was I served a Notice of Seeking Possession when I am paying as agreed?

You have high arrears or are in over 4 weeks in arrears but we will not take further legal action if you continue to pay as agreed.

Why do I have to pay rent when I am in receipt of Housing Benefit?

Speak to Housing Benefit first to find out why they are not paying your full rent and then contact your Housing Officer.

I am struggling to keep to court order, what do I do?

Contact the court and ask to vary the court order.

I want a transfer/mutual exchange but I have arrears.

You are expected to have a zero balance (no arrears) but speak to your Housing Officer for more information.

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