Keeping fire escapes and balconies clear

WECH has a legal duty to make sure that all fire escapes and fire routes are kept clear at all times.

Communal areas of your building must be kept free of obstructions that could:

  • contribute to the spread of fire
  • prevent escape in the event of fire,
  • stop firefighters from doing their job, or
  • injure people by causing trips or falls

We understand that storage space in flats can be limited. However, for everyone’s safety, it’s very important that any personal possessions are kept inside your home and not left in places that put you and your household at risk.

If you live in a home with a balcony, you should also try to keep it clear. If your balcony is cluttered it can contribute to the spread of fire and prevent the fire services from doing their jobs properly.


Fire safety in communal areas

To keep you safe, we will be placing legal notices in all our blocks from 2nd January 2020 telling you to remove any items that you may have stored in communal areas. If you have not removed your items within the stated time frame, we will remove and dispose of them without further notice.

The notices will remain in force permanently, so in future, personal belongings left in communal areas will be removed and disposed of without further warning. 

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